Finding Your “Story”

Story.  It’s so very important to your branding.

What do we mean, “story?”   Let’s talk about hydraulic fittings and adapters.

These important little pieces connect hoses, pipes, tubes, etc., in hydraulic systems.  Backhoes you see working on a construction site?  Those have hydraulic systems in them, and therefore require dependable, quality fittings to ensure they keep working.

What’s the story there?

Depends first on your audience.  To whom do you wish to communicate?

Let’s say it’s to the foreman on the job, who keeps the whole thing running smoothly, and who chooses companies from which these fittings will be purchased.

What if you show shots of the construction equipment digging, lifting, moving, etc. and intersperse that with shots of a little girl stretching/preparing in her little ballerina outfit, movements that compliment each other.  Also cut in the foreman checking his watch, tapping his fingers, being tense about time.  Finally, the work day is done, he’s at home switching from work clothes to a simple suit, and then, voila, he gets to the seat in the school auditorium that his wife has saved for him, just in time for the curtains to open, and the awkward, adorable dance recital to begin. Who’s the star? His daughter, beaming a smile at him because he’s there.

The story?  When the pressure’s on, XXX Hydraulic Fittings and Adapters keep you on schedule- for all the important deadlines.

Sure, these hydraulic fittings can be super-high quality, long lasting, big warranty, easily available, company’s been in business so many years, yadayada. But what’s their story? The one I spitballed above, is about people, with pressure for deadlines, achieving those deadlines- including the ones for your heart, which are just as important as work.  And they do that by depending on XXX Hydraulic Fittings.

Share. Your. Story.

Here are some more ethereal, high dollar examples of storytelling, but the principles are all there. Sometimes beautifully there: 

YOUR story can be done in :30 or :60 seconds.  Or three minutes, if you want, because the internet loves a good story.

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