The Power of Storytelling: 66% Retention


Stories are sticky.  Not “like a mess” sticky, but rather, “sticks in your brain” sticky. According to an article in “The Marketing Insider” from, nearly 2/3 of a research group audience remembered the particulars of a story, whereas barely 1/20 of them remembered statistics.

Let that sink in.  Roughly 66% remember a story, and 5% remember statistics.

What do your radio ads do? Do they tell a story, or do they contain things like “100 years combined service” and a lengthy street address and a phone number repeated three to four times and the sale prices of your services/items and…

Most radio ads want to be newspaper ads with a happy voice.  This doesn’t work. Stories work, but they’re harder to understand from an advertising client perspective, because it’s not concrete.  Numbers are concrete.

Problem is, are listeners concrete? Keep that in mind when you approach your next radio ad campaign.

As always, I’m here if you need creative.  I’m here if your creative needs creative. Let’s tell your story.


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