We All Love Stories

Hearing them, telling them, creating them, stories are the magic of communication, the pixie dust of words and sounds and sights that ​makes your imagination fly.

They can be honed for fiction, or designed for action. I kid you not- there's a story everywhere. The way a glass cleaner can clear up a window...so you can more readily see when your loved one finally arrives home from the armed forces. How a razor blade can shave a face...and pave a safe, giggling landing pad for a baby's smooches. A call to the plumber can fix your drain...and it can make you the marital hero in a time of flushing strife and plungers of war. Stories. They're everywhere, if you know how to find them..

Hi, I'm Mark L. Groves. Welcome to my company, Magnificent Cowlick Media, LLC.

You won't get what you expect to here, because if you expect it, whats the fun in that? You'll get what surprises you, and in turn- can surprise your clients.

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