Content: Intuition & Making Time Worth It

Magnificent Cowlick Media LLC

Anne Handley is a genius (@annehandley on twitter).  As of writing this, she’d just tweeted a link that, after I read it, was like water for a man dying of thirst. I need to tattoo this quote from that web article somewhere on my dadbod, backwards, so I can read it in the mirror every morning:

Yes, we’re trying to sell you something, but even if you don’t want it, we’re making sure the content is still valuable to your time. Marketing has its objectives, but so does entertainment.

Ok, I DON’T need to tattoo it. That would be as cool as a cargo pants, which, by the way, I sport like a champ.  What I DO need to do, is remember this, apply it not only to content, but also to radio ads and print copy and pretty much everything.  Oh- and share it. Like right now.

Dig in, and feel the truthyness.  Thank you Anne Handley. You’re the awesome.

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